#GlobalSamosa: Nike and Serena Williams redefine calling women crazy

Nike Dream Crazier

Nike Dream Crazier peels the several labels off women and inspires us to show what crazy dreams can do.

The advert, Nike Dream Crazier kicks off with showcasing events in the history of Sports when women faced the wrath of patriarchy with a simultaneous narration from Serena Williams describing all the stamps female athletes have been given over the years.

Dramatic, nuts, delusional, unhinged, hysterical, irrational and “crazy” are some of the numerous tags women have been given over the years, when they aspire to partake in any Sport.

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For instance, a woman running a marathon? Crazy. A woman boxing? Crazy. A woman dunking? Crazy. A woman competing in a Hijab? Crazy. Winning 23 grand slams, having a baby and then coming back for more? CRAZY.

Nike has always been making adverts that aspire to inspire women and state that the world requires to acknowledge the women that perspire heavily towards achieving heights and sport glory. Previous adverts on similar lines being, What are girls made of?, Better For It, What will they say about you? and more.

In a statement made to Adweek a representative for Nike says, “Nike has a long history of recognizing and highlighting female athletes. “The ‘Dream Crazier’ spot is the start of a journey celebrating women in sport ahead of soccer’s biggest moment in France this summer. It is about helping athletes realize their full potential even in the face of adversity.”

Athletes featured in the advert include members of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, Ibtihaj Muhammad, Simone Biles and Chloe Kim. The advert is by the agency Wieden + Kennedy (Portland), Alberto Ponte & Ryan O’Rourke are the Creative Directors.