Blogging, along with being a profession is also a powerful marketing tool. Find everything about Blog marketing in the infographic below.

According to statistics, 76% of B2B marketers use blogging as a marketing tool, while 45% of content marketers consider blogging as an important strategy, and 65% of online marketing content consists of blog posts. The statistics emphasize the importance of Blog marketing.

Blogging can drive traffic to your website and generate leads that may convert to sales. Although, the struggle of creating relevant blog posts, that engage with the consumers at a personal level and represent your brand’s purpose, is real.

There are various avenues you can choose from to create blog posts. The most vivid categorisation of blog posts in long-form and short-form.

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You can choose what form ofcontent to post by basing it on your target audience, marketing objective, readership and more.

While there is no clear winner in the conflict of long form v/s short form, long-from improves search engine rankings and credibility, short-form is mobile-friendly and increases shareability.

Glance through the following infographic compiled by Connotations for coming out with the foremost blogging marketing strategy.