Infographic: How to write convincing headlines for blogs

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A headline is a factor convincing readers to read your article. With this infographic, find out how to make it convincing enough. This infographic will help you create great headlines for your content.

Headline or heading indicates the nature of the article. While the indication shouldn't give out too much, readers should have a reason to read the body copy. The headline's purpose is to draw attention. Here' to Great Headlines.

While you can use word play, alliteration, humour or puns while writing a headline, you have to abide by a set of grammatical rules known as headlinese.

While playing with words, you shouldn't cheat and form a clickbait. The most common type of headlines' propaganda is a false headline. So, your claim in the headline should be backed up in the body copy.

A publisher once stated that it's about finding the center of your story, the beating heart of it. The infographic shares how can one spot the beating heart of their content piece.

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Glance through the following infographic by Social Media Today.

Headline infographic
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