Facebook rolls out new guidelines for Instagram Creators

Instagram Creators Guidelines

Facebook has published a new set of guidelines to help Instagram creators make more efficient use of the platform. All you need to know about Instagram Creators Guidelines here.

We know that Instagram and Facebook data is analyzed by more or less the same root teams. In this light, even though the newly published guide has some tips sounding rather common, creators should be paying key attention to the specific details entailed since they are based on internal insight.

“Instagram is all about building connections with your community and showing your authentic self. Get the most out of video-sharing with these tips for IGTV, Stories, Live, and Feed,” Instagram’s official blog read.

1. Keep it real

Keep your content personal and exclusive rather than artificially over-produced, behind-the-scenes is the way to go, especially on stories. Be conversational to push authentic engagement.

2. Post frequently and get creative

Have fresh content? Post consistently and even daily, it keeps your followers going.

Make note of a specifically stated tip here, “Make a goal of posting at least once across Feed, Stories, Live and IGTV per week.” where IGTV is indicated to be given as much importance in promoting your content.

3. Get closer to your fans

Another mention worth paying due attention to is the use of the Question sticker or @mention fans in your stories. Which speaks of how tools should be made best use of.

Regular acknowledgment by giving likes or responses across your feed, live, IGTV and stories can go a long way in creating buzz and more importantly helping nurture loyal fans.

4. Be a storyteller

“Add context to your posts so your fans feel like they’re with you at the moment.”

Exposing your human candid self in daily routines or attending events or even relishing a meal is still a great story that brings your community closer to you.

This tip further elaborates on “posting multiple photos and videos in one feed post or using a countdown sticker to build momentum to a big moment.” Thus indicating once again at exploring their plethora of tools and features.

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While the above were more or less widely known. Here are the following four tips that will prove a real catch in beneficially tweaking your strategy with definitive details:

5. Upload longer stories

Facebook reveals that you can now post longer videos to stories, “As you record video beyond 15 seconds, a thumbnail tray will appear to indicate how many videos you’ve recorded so far. Every 15 seconds of recorded or uploaded media is turned into its own video, and you can record up to four videos for a total duration of 1 minute in a single session.”

Uploding multiple photos and videos is also made easier, “To upload multiple stories, tap the icon on the top right of your camera roll, then tap to select up to 10 photos or videos.”

These features give more scope for content on stories and also allow brands the flexibility of recording content elsewhere while still being able to easily upload it on Instagram stories as well.A

6. Branded content 1, 2, 3’s

Instagram has become the platform for the rising Influencer content and these tips might help you better your share of Influencer marketing. The guide clearly states:

  • Be transparent. Build trust with your audience by tagging businesses you’re partnering with. Our policies require creators and publishers to tag business partners in the branded content posts when there’s an exchange of value between a creator or publisher and a business partner.
  • Be relevant. Work with brands whose products you genuinely enjoy working with. It should feel like a fit for your voice and Instagram presence to truly resonate with your fans.
  • Be authentic. Ensure that creative looks natural so it resonates most with your organic audience. Fans don’t want to be sold to.

Fans recognise the difference between artificially pushed content on the influencers or content that fits in with their style. The key to naturally flourishing influencer marketing would, therefore, be brands and influencers coming together mindfully to generate content that mutually promotes the style of both.

7. IGTV: Be there first

The guide tips you to- be the first to get a hand of IGTV with videos that are 2-3 minutes long. Maintain a consistent theme across the channel and capture vidoes vertically 9:16 for the best viewing experience.  

Advice is for shorter, every day clips to be kept for stories and feed. Since an IGTV view only count when fans watch at least 3 seconds of the video.

It is indeed the best to recognise a trend before it gets trending and early use of IGTV is going to do just that for you.

8. Steps to promote your IGTV video

  • Three days before: Share behind-the-scenes content from your upcoming video on Stories.
  • Two days before: Post a countdown sticker to your Stories.
  • During upload: Post a preview of your IGTV video in the Feed.
  • 1-10 minutes after: Use the IGTV share sticker in your Stories.
  • 1-10 minutes after: Post the permalink to your IGTV video across Facebook and other social apps.
  • 1 day after: Go Live to discuss reactions to your IGTV video

While these steps take you through how IGTV can be a tool for upcoming events, products, blogs, etc. It is interesting how you can widen the scope of these steps for any upcoming campaign on the rest of your Instagram as well.

This creators guide makes an introduction that best sums up these set of new tips- Instagram is all about building connections with your community and showing your authentic self.