Interview: We define our channel as “Not a category.”: Sejal Kumar, Content Creator

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Sejal Kumar

Ever wondered what goes in not only making a channel but sustaining it with relevant and contextual content? Sejal Kumar, a Fashion & Lifestyle creator might have a few insights.

What began as love for creating content without any restrictions led to creating a channel with over a million subscribers. The journey has been a memorable one.

From doing it all by herself to now having a team, Sejal Kumar shares her two cents! Read on.

Who are we?

I have a YouTube channel named Sejal Kumar.

Our journey

It all started in my second year of college when I found out about YouTube. The idea and liberty of making something that I like without any restriction really fascinated me. I always knew I love creating. So, one day I made my channel and uploaded a video that I made when I was in Turkey. It was a well thought decision and I am proud of it.

Our family

For the longest time, it was just me. I used to handle everything on my own with the help of my friends and family. As the channel grew, I needed more help. I have a full-timer with me now and I keep on working with freelance videographers.

What’s in the name?

It is my name and as a 21 year old I thought it would be a good idea to open a channel with the same name.

Our mission statement

We define our channel as “Not a category.” We aim on creating authentic content that can help out someone or can uplift someone.

We create content for?

We try to keep our channel as diverse as possible. Most of our audience are young girls of the demographic 18-24.

We work with...

We have worked with multiple brands in the past years and we keep on working with some of the big names. Some of the brands that we e have worked with are Benefit Cosmetics, Lakme, Bose, Amara. I even launched my own co branded fashion line with Stalk Buy Love, SejalXSBL.

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We are proud of

The volume and variety of the content we have created over the years.

Your best content pieces and how they came into being

My most viewed video ‘College in Real Life’ was actually scripted by me and my best friend over a very casual lunch at social!

Our WTF moment

When a subscriber figured out which train and coach I was travelling in and came to meet me!

Any funny or freaky incident that happened and you lived to tell the tale

One of my music videos ‘Almost is never enough’ had a special appearance by poisonous snakes while filming!

Stay tuned for...

We are planning two big projects for this year. Both are in in pre production.

Are, you hiring?

Yes, We are. We are hiring for three positions.

1. Business Manager 2. Social Media Strategist 3. Full time videographer

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