#Interview: I wish to connect each viewer through my content: Yashita Rai, Content Creator

Social Samosa
May 09, 2019 06:52 IST
Yashita Rai

Yashita Rai runs her channel to spread a little positivity around. In conversation with Social Samosa, Rai gives a view in what goes behind the curtains in a creator's life.

Through her channel, she encourages her viewers to be comfortable in their own skin whilst experimenting with different styles. Take a look at this candid conversation for some inspiration!

Who are we?

Hi, I am a twenty year old creator. I make YouTube videos on fashion and Lifestyle and try to inspire others to be creative and live a positive life

Our Journey

So I started my YouTube channel in the first year of my college. I always wanted to do something creative in my life but I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do. People around me always appreciated my sense of style and my friends actually really encouraged me to share my ideas with the rest of the world and thats when I finally decided to give it a go. I saved up to buy a camera , learned how to edit a video and planned what sort of content I wanted to make. After 3 months of planning I finally made my first video In January last year and it has been quite a journey ever since

Our Family

I don’t have a team yet for my channel but I do have a great support system. The most important person who really helps in every way possible is my Mom. 

She is the one who is behind the camera most of the times and is always encouraging me . 

I also really appreciate any sort of feedback from my friends and family this helps me in improving my work. So yeah even though I don’t have a set of professionals as my team yet , I do have a these amazing people to help me out.


What's in the name?

My channel name is simply based on my name “Yashita Rai”. I guess I just want to create a brand on my own name and make my audience familiar with it.

This is for the sole reason,  that I want my brand to represent who I am and what I believe in. All of this,  in my newbie brain,  starts with my name! 

Mission Statement

My only purpose behind running this channel is to spread a little positivity around.

I want to encourage my viewers to be comfortable in their own skin and experiment with different styles. Through my content, they can explore various sides of fashion.

I also aim to make my content as relatable as possible. I wish to connect each viewer with my content. You may call me a dreamer when I say my goal is to connect with each person who spends a few minutes of their day on me.  It genuinely means a lot and I appreciate and value their time so much

We Create content for

School and College going students. Being a college student myself I have quite the idea of what the Young generations wants to see on the Internet. My videos are often based on affordable fashion which is really apt for my target audience.

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We work with

In the past one year I have actually worked with quite a few brands . My First ever collaboration was with Clovia for swimsuits. I pick up the brand who I find promising and Right for my audience. I don’t work with any brands with false advertising and thats how I keep my content authentic 

We are proud of

So I put out this video called "a positive outlook towards life" And in this I beared my heart out about some major health issues I had been going through - and still am- and the ramifications it had on me as a whole. I tried to give out a positive message,  using my personal experience as a way to explain how life sometimes doesn't go the way we would like it to,  however that is just the main quality of life,  it's unpredictable way of working. 

It was a pretty honest video and I think that was kind of hard to make,  but also cathartic,  and it is one thing on my channel I am proud of. - not to say other things don't make me feel that way but yeah I am choosing this particular story for now! 

Our WTF moments

There actually have been quite a few. 

Initially when I started my channel I was still in the process of learning how to handle  a camera and this one time, I filmed an entire video only to realise it was out of focus the whole time! I spent a few hours after that shooting it, once again.

And apart of that there are a lot of embarrassing and awkward moments when I have to shoot in public with all these normal people staring at me thinking I'm crazy and talking to a camera - still working on that one,  but I'm much better at tuning out looks than before,  if I do say so myself.

Lastly sneaking into cute places for backdrops for my photos and videos is always a bit of a thrill for me!  

Stay tuned for

In a year I have developed a connection with my viewers and I have plan on making weekly vlogs where I can share some behind the scenes of how I work and produce my videos and also just involve them in my daily life.

I am a simple girl with a simple dream to change the world! Or at the very least, to start with the part of the world around me. And I am very excited to see what the future holds!

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