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LinkedIn Jobs homepage

LinkedIn is updating and introducing features for recruiters on LinkedIn Jobs homepage to keep up with the changing dynamics of workforce.

To make jobs more discoverable LinkedIn has streamlined LinkedIn Jobs homepage to focus on discovery, giving members easy entry into their first search, updates on any new jobs posted for their previous searches, and personalized job recommendations based on skills and activity.

The platform has also introduced “remote jobs” filter and locations search to respond to the changing needs of different generations.

Furthermore, a new set of instant job alerts are being built, so that candidates are aware about it, within minutes of it being posted and LinkedIn is making it easier for members to hear directly from their network when someone they know is hiring.

The platform is also foussing on aiding companies to provide insights in tools for smoother talent acquisition. With the help of LinkedIn Talent Insights, you can see in real-time how well you’re doing at retaining people with the skills you’re hiring for and how much focus to put into developing those skills internally or improving your talent brand.

With the Recruiter System Connect, you can find all the information of your potential hire in one place. With their recent analysis, this tool has been found to save recruiters an average 3 hours per week.

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The tool, New Recruiter and Jobs provides data and insights across tools, which include:

-More collaboration with shared conversations to see the conversations your colleagues have been having with candidates

-Screening questions will soon allow you to collect yes/no information to improve your ability to efficiently review applicants.

-A new messaging feature that allows you to close the loop more easily with unqualified candidates by sending 25 InMails at once.

-Automatic searches showing you the most relevant candidates, based on the criteria you define in a job post and all the actions you take across your pipeline, such as the candidates you choose to reject versus those with whom you move forward.

The changes have been made in the wake of changing generations partaking professions with nearly 50 percent of the U.S. workforce expected to consist of millennials by 2020.

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