LinkedIn has rolled out photo-tagging and new photo stickers

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LinkedIn has launched the option allowing users tag their fellow members on photos and has also introduced stickers for images.

An option available on almost all social media platforms, is now also available on LinkedIn. The platform says, "Tagging people in your photos encourages engagement with your images. Tagging people notifies those members that your photo might be relevant to them and these tagged photos become linked with the associated members’ profiles". It also gives viewers an option to see the tagged member's name and navigate to their profile.

You don't have to be connected to tag someone in your post and you can tag up to 30 people per post. The option started rolling out last month, but all users may not have the option yet. The person who's tagged or the person posting the photo can remove the tag.

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The option is available on iOS and Android both. To learn how to tag people in your photos, click here.

In a recent development, LinkedIn also introduced profession-themed photo stickers that would help you express your thoughts revolving around work with some visuals.

Off lately, LinkedIn is transforming itself to be visually more luring. Recently, they also launched Facebook-like reactions, giving you more ways to quickly and constructively communicate with one another.


LinkedIn seems to be on the path of making the platform more hip. Though, few features may be on the borderline of being not so professional for a professional network.

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