Featuring a music artist can make your campaign a mega hit

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campaigns music artists

Let's listen to the buzz campaigns featuring music artists make while singing along a few that topped the charts and learn how to do it. Take a look at some of the best music campaigns.

Collaborating with a music artist can help you gain effective engagement on social media platforms and perhaps influence them. Pepsi's Super Bowl 2019 commercial gathered 40,000 social mentions according to Brandwatch.

While featuring a music artist can do wonders for your campaign and strengthen your social media presence, finding an artist with a personality and image that would be the right match for your brand would be advisable.

Although, match-making is only the first step in featuring an artist in your campaign. While the brand image requires to be maintained, it is also important to let the artist bring their own artistry in the campaign.

Doritos was the second most-discussed brand on social media after they released their Super Bowl 2019 campaign featuring Backstreet Boys and Chance the Rapper.

The advert was an infusion of the classic Backstreet Boys' 'I Want It That Way' vibes and Chance's hot rap on nachos. The product placement was on point, so was the artistry. The video has received 13,587,558 views till date.

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While bringing in their creativity is important, another significant factor is, the portrayal of the artist should not hamper their image, if it does, it may invite backlash to the campaign by their followers.

All artists have a colossal social media following and paid promotions on their social media handles introduce the brand to a new audience in addition to the campaign's runs on multiple channels, increasing the overall footfall on all mediums.

campaigns music artists
campaigns music artists
campaigns music artists

Pepsi's Okurrr ft. Cardi B has 2,855,502 views, Chrysler's Super Bowl Commercial ft. Eminem has 18,568,142 views, Apple's Taylor vs. Treadmill has 9,425,574 views on YouTube (till date).

People's conventional interest in the artists intrigues them towards such campaigns. Reactions and conversations on social media are a result of that interest. Therefore, brands leveraging that interest as a part of their marketing strategy tend to benefit and induce leads.

Let's take a look at few collaborations that came out to be on top of the range.

Eminem: Chrysler - Imported From Detroit

Taylor Swift: Apple - Taylor vs. Treadmill

Justin Bieber: Macy's - Black Friday Sale

Dua Lipa: Pepe Jeans - #DUAFORPEPE

Ed Sheeran: O2 Priority - The O2

Cardi B: Pepsi - Okurrr

Beyonce: Are You A Cardmember?

Britney Spears: Pepsi - Now and Then

Snoop Dogg: Adidas Originals - Original Is Never Finished

Ariana Grande: Reebok - Be More Human

Drake: Apple - Drake vs. Bench Press

Lady Gaga: Tom Ford - Women's Wear SS16

Pharrell Williams: Adidas - Supercolor

Chance the Rapper x Backstreet Boys: Doritos® - Super Bowl

Selena Gomez: Pantene - Introducing Selena Gomez

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