#RiseAgainstClimateChange: Mahindra Rise’s environment conservation campaign made completely through waste paper

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May 24, 2019 09:48 IST
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Mahindra Rise celebrates the world’s Hardest Workers that help us #RiseAgainstClimateChange by creating a film made entirely out of waste paper

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be a tree? To selflessly clean up after the mess humans left. To stand tall and reverse the damage when everyone around you is determined to leave a trail of destruction?

In a heartwarming narration, Mahindra Rise’s ’Hardest Worker’ film narrates the tale of tree through a video made entirely with the help of waste paper. This quirky videoshares the story of ‘someone’ who strives every waking moment to undo damages done by pollution created thoughtlessly by humans.


The ‘someone’ is revealed to be a tree, emphasizing how difficult their job is considering that they work day and night, giving out oxygen, right from the day it was born the day it dies. The Hardest Worker film further shares how Mahindra Rise has managed to plant over 15 million trees since 2007!

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The Hardest Worker campaign boldly brings forth the issue of environmental degradation, urging people to plant trees&#RiseAgainstClimateChange through their tale. The campaign stands to true to the brand’s personality –striving to drive positive change while inspiring others to do the same.

Walking the talk, the Hardest Worker film was created with 150 kgs of recycled waste paper, old cardboard boxes and old newspapers. A labor-intensive task indeed, it took a team of 72 craftsmen and paper-artists who worked for 3600+ hours to turn the waste paper into beautiful sets. Further, after the film was shot, the sets constructed out of recycled paper were shredded and converted into manure, upholding the brand promise and petition for Environment Conservation.

The unique visual set up not only manages to grab consumers’ attention but also establishes the brand’s commitment towards environmental conservation. Throughthe Hardest Worker, Mahindra Rise narrates a compelling tale, urging viewers to #RiseAgainstClimateChange

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