Instagram spotted testing 'Order' and 'Product' stickers

Paawan Sunam
New Update

Instagram has been found to be testing new Instagram Shoppable Stickers named Order and Product for the in-app Stories.

The platform is testing additional updates to one of their popular features, Stickers. The Instagram Shoppable Stickers also may be a pursuit towards developing their in-app shopping experience.

Instagram has a history of developing and improving Stickers. Be it, topical iclinations in the society like civic engagement Stickers for Elections 2019 or the ones that users would like to use like Stickers with lyrics, or an option to Join Chat.

Shopping is another feature the platform has been developing on a recurring scale. In March, 2019, Instagram updated its in-app Shopping feature by adding a checkout option in the app itself and now you can also Shop from influencers on the platform.

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The new Stickers seem to be a combination of both the developments. The green dollar sign on the Order Sticker suggests that you may be able to order a product put up on a Story through the in-app checkout.

The 'shoppable tag' icon on the Sticker, Product, also suggests that you may be able to shop the product via the usual process.

If the feature is released, brands may be able to levergae thir engagement on this platform at a whole new level with features and Stickers that advocate shopping on the platform at all segments.

This also means influencers and brands on the platform would be able to further monetize their activities on the platform.

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