Testing: Twitter carousel ads for App Install campaigns

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Twitter carousel ads

The micro-blogging platform is testing Twitter carousel ads with a fresh design letting you add multiple images for App Install campaigns.

Twitter Carousel, the ad unit that gives marketers a canvas for brand storytelling has been through various changes since it's launch.

Back in 2016, the carousel was a swipable unit and looked something like this.

With the new format you can include multiple swipeable images in a single ad letting you showcase various features of your products and services, as you can see below.

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Multiple images in one grid could help smoothen the process of showing various aspects of a singular product and swipable images could help with multiple, using one tweet.

It's uncertain that the carousel format would be available for all campaign types or just App Install campaigns.

App Install campaigns will help you target a mobile audience likely to install or engage with the app you're promoting.

The ad format would help mobile users to preview the app you're promoting from their timelines.

According to Twitter, 83% of people on Twitter are on mobile and they're looking for apps to download.

If this feature is rolled out it may help you run a fruitful App Install campaigns.

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