Twitter updates Tweetdeck with much needed features

Tweetdeck update

Tweetdeck rolls out new features such as GIF’s, threads, polls, and emojis in a recent update. Read more about the Tweetdeck updates here.

On May 10, in a fresh attempt to upgrade the tool, Tweetdeck tweeted asking users for the functionality they’d most like to see get added on the app. 32 percent of the voters demanded GIFs on the platform while 26 percent asked for Polls to be made available on TweetDeck.

Tweetdeck answered these requests as they announced the addition of GIF’s, threads, polls and emojis along with an additional image tagging feature on the tool.

With these newly integrated features, the convenience of managing brand social media presence, trends and mentions just improved for social media managers as users of the native tweet management app.

Preceding this move, Twitter also added new functionality, including video scheduling  in the past years. Though Tweetdeck still lacks in comparison with other third party platforms and their various improved features.

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Twitter bought ‘Tweetdeck’ in the year 2011, upgrading it to Twitter’s native tweet management app. While Tweetdeck has been received flak for not having some of the most integral features over the years, the app thrives on a range of integrated options that are certainly functional and have proven helpful.