#TopicalSpot: Brands innovate to celebrate Election Results

Election Results 2019 Campaigns

With social media being the hot spot for discussions and conversations, brands created some innovative Election Results 2019 Campaigns

The world’s largest and longest democratic election concluded with results being announced yesterday. Soon social media became a site for skull sessions. And soon enough brands latched on to the trend with Election Results 2019 Campaigns.

3.2 million Tweets were observed on the Counting Day, with 1/3rd of the Tweets being recorded between 3 and 4pm. Twitter saw more than 396 million Tweets on the platform, nearly a 600% growth from 2014, from 1 January 2019 till 23 May 2019.

Despite being an election for the Lok Sabha in India, the impact was seen around the world. Conversations unfolded across the globe, with world leaders, celebrities and Indian diaspora engaging.

Soon the #ElectionResults2019 also became a topical trend with brands.

The campaigns revolve around the taglines from parties that surfaced during the elections, the winner and more.

Glance through these creatives.

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Tata Motors

Arre India

MX Player


Zomato India

Brand Factory

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