#CWC19: Greenply’s World Cup campaign talks about cricket rituals

Greenply India

Greenply World Cup campaign, #MyMatchSpot, engages with cricket enthusiasts and understands their personal attachment with the sport.

Greenply India’s #MyMatchSpot campaign aims at highlighting the significance the game of cricket plays in the lives of many Indians which drives them to follow certain rituals such as wearing the same jersey every time India is bowling or sitting in a specific position while one’s cricket hero bats or bowls.

The digital engagement activity talks about #MyMatchSpot experiences and pre-match rituals, asking the audience to share their favorite match spot pictures, their superstitions, and compelling habits while cheering for the men in blue. The campaign video showcases furniture those remain as constant through many cricket World Cups at Indian households’ and continues to be the favorite spot while viewing a match, also hinting at the durability quotient of such furniture.

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The film opens with Sharma Ji watching a game and pulling his armchair to a particular spot for the match while in another household it is seen that Chintu, a teenager is undisturbed despite his mother’s continuous yelling and refuses to get up from his spot until the match ends. The campaign film also has a sequence where one Rajesh moves from his favorite match spot and pays a price of losing a wicket.

Sanidhya Mittal, Executive Director, Greenply Industries Limited commented, “We have taken our enthusiasm in cricket to a whole new level. Match viewing from a particular spot each time over the years and during this World Cup too is a serious affair so to say for us, the lovers of the Game. I can recollect numerous such instances when I have personally fought with my near and dear ones to secure #MyMatchSpot.”