#CWC19: Mahindra Lifespaces celebrates World Cup with #JoyfulHomecomings

Mahindra Lifespaces

Mahindra Lifespaces world cup campaign has two films as part of their #JoyfulHomecomings campaign to celebrate shared community experiences & excitement built around the ICC #CWC19.

The films depict the joy of community events and celebrations. Especially the colossal event like the Cricket World Cup. The Mahindra Lifespaces world cup campaign taps on the reasons people make to go home early, so they can watch the match with their friends and family. The campaign is live on social media platforms.

Extending this campaign, Mahindra Lifespaces is also running a contest on social media where they ask the users to share their #JoyfulHomecomings reasons to rush home and enjoy the cricket match with their loved ones and win prizes.

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Sunil Sharma, VP – Marketing & CRM, Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd. said, “Joyful Homecomings transcends the thoughtful design and high-quality aspects that define a Mahindra Lifespaces home, to also include the complete experience of moving in and becoming part of a larger, thriving community. Neighbours play an important part in Indian culture and have always been a great support system in good times and tough ones. Mahindra Lifespaces’ residential projects enable healthy and balanced community living, and our latest films bring to life the insight of how neighbours are an intrinsic component of joyful community experiences.”

The campaign comprises two light-hearted films that communicate the brand proposition of Joyful Homecomings by associating it with cricket in an entertaining and humorous way. The films depict the obsession that Indians have with cricket, the excitement associated with the game and even more so when it is with like-minded neighbours & friends.

The DVC showcases various situations wherein individuals will prioritise getting home in time to enjoy that much-anticipated cricket match with family, friends and neighbours!

Shayondeep Pal – Chief Creative Officer, Network Advertising, added, “Cricket can never be enjoyed alone. As a fan, the fun multiplies when you watch the game with family and friends. This insight worked beautifully well with our brand thought, ‘Joyful Homecomings’. The campaign therefore, revolves around excuses people come up with to escape their present surroundings and rush home to catch the excitement. We say, ‘Aaj Ghar Jaldi Jaana Hai’ in popular parlance. The idea hinges on this.”