CWCSpot: Puma's #SockThem is all about team spirit!

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Puma World Cup Campaign

Puma World Cup Campaign has Virat and Divine taking a backseat to let the bat speak as Indians play and cheer for cricket on the tunes of Chakravyuh mein #Sockthem

It is no secret that rap has been seeping into the streets of India, from masses to classes, humble to the influential. Puma World Cup Campaign kicks off to the tunes of rapper Divine with the Indian team captain, Virat Kohli.

While one would think the

narrative of the campaign would revolve around these two popular faces, it is

quite expressive since the very beginning of letting the bat speak in the game.

The focus further shifts to Indians playing and cheering for cricket with a key

slogan, "Poora Bharat desh hai sirf gyarah nahi hai".

However the title of this campaign 'Chakravyuh mein sock them' revolves around the idea of team spirit, putting your best foot forward and how cricket is more than a game in India.

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Here, Chakravyuh is a parallel drawn for the stadium of cricket while #Sockthem fills in the space for Puma's brand communication.

In the age of influencer marketing but also content being king, Puma's ICC World Cup 2019 campaign 'Chakravyuh mein #Sockthem' seems to strike a chord of balance.

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