Facebook plans on building an Oversight Board


Facebook is building an independent Oversight Board to handle appeals subjecting what content stays on the platform and what doesn’t.

The platform released a report on global feedback and the proposal of an independent oversight board to govern content decisions.

Mark Zuckerberg had first mentioned Facebook’s intention to develop a mechanism for “independent appeal” in an interview.

The idea is to build a governing body that is independent of Facebook, Government and third parties that can make impartial decisions, as to what should stay on the platform and what should not.

Currently, the content on the platform is regulated by a set of Community Guidelines. If after a review, a piece of content is taken down permanently, there is not really a way to appeal it.

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Consequently, the company began the process of forging the ‘Facebook
Oversight Board’.

After an assessment, Facebook published a draft charter to discuss ideas on how the board coulc be designed and supported. Publishing houses actively covering platform updates gave their inputs.

Following this stride, the company launched a consultation period convening informal groups of stakeholders and workshops attended by more than 650 people from 88 different countries.

Subsequently summarizing the feedbacks, discussing selection of committee, term-lengths, gaining information from third parties , determining legitimacy of governance & board administration and staff, was the process in order.

Facebook is continuing to build the Oversight Board through constant feedback as the discussions and consultation is not yet fully comprehensive.