Facebook vamps up Watch with new features


Facebook is testing and adding new features to improve the co-watching experience and gives a few insights on the ad ecosystem.

According to their official blog, Facebook Watch has more than 720 million people monthly and 140 million people daily who spend at least one minute in Watch. On average, the daily visitors spend more than 26 minutes in Watch every day.

Facebook recently launched an option to find Groups related to the videos viewers are consuming on Watch. The platform would show the official group alongside the video you’re watching where you can join other enthusiasts.

The platform is also testing new sections in Watch with ways to find videos that are popular with friends, and a section dedicated to co-watching experiences like Watch Party, Premieres, and Live videos — to make it easier to connect with others around videos.

Facebook found people are 8X more likely to comment on videos in Watch Party than when watching on their own.

Ad breaks on Watch that is available in more than 40 countries, will be expanding to more countries and languages around the world.

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Pages actively using ad breaks has more than tripled in the past year — and the number of Pages earning over $1,000 in payouts per month has increased by more than 8X, while the number of Pages earning over $10,000 in payouts per month has increased by more than 3X.

Facebook is partnering with global publishers in entertainment and Sports to deliver a wide range of content. The International Cricket Council will make match previews, highlights, and more.

News in Watch program will expand internationally later this year. Facebook Watch Originals is offering a new slate of seasons and series debuts.

The platform has also launched a program to connect creators and digital publishers.