Know Your Leader: Ram Vilas Paswan

Here's a concise analysis of how Ram Vilas Paswan, Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution communicates on social media.

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Know Your Leader: Ram Vilas Paswan

Here's a concise analysis of how Ram Vilas Paswan uses social media as a communication tool.

Ram Vilas Paswan — Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution


Social Media Footprint

Ram Vilas Paswan writes almost exclusively in Hindi on social media. His posts have an aura of colloquial communication that gives it a sense of authenticity. Interestingly, most of his communication is in the first person and reflect his thought process. One of the drawbacks of his social media presence is that he does not have an official Instagram account.

Sharing a slice of work

From wishing colleagues, expressing condolence to explaining the rationale behind decisions in regards to pricing issues — the range of his communication is across a diverse spectrum. He mostly communicates through text rather than visuals. The visuals that do peep through are mostly template political images of meetings and public interactions. Frequently, he shares newspaper clippings of events and information relevant to him.

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For the most part, Paswan's communication is about relaying information and thoughts. He does not interact with people via these official profiles. One thing significant to his communication is how he shares updates regarding his schedule and his work in the parliament.

Overall, he puts across an image of a leader who is passionate about working for the people.

This is a part of the series — Know Your Leader. It's a series by Social Samosa where we put across a concise analysis of how our cabinet ministers use social media to communicate. You can read all the parts here.

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