All you need to know about Nirmalya Sen’s ‘The Rethink Company’

The Rethink Company

Nirmalya Sen, former India CEO of Havas Worldwide announced the launch of his own agency, The Rethink Company, a new-model creative company at the cusp of business consulting and brand building, driven by a simple belief- momentum is everything.

The idea of the company comes from Sen’s own experiences and observations, coupled with conversations with CEOs and CMOs in India and abroad, about how the world of brands and business of communication has evolved and is likely to evolve.

Elaborating further on helming the agency, Sen added, “Big ideas and corporations, they say, are born out of discontent. And my discontent over the last few years has been with the way brands are treated. By marketers and their tired agencies alike. Most of them are well-intentioned and passionate people who want their brands to do well. All knowing very well that if they don’t keep pace with technology and its impact on the way consumers live, they will be left behind. All keen to try out shiny new technology or media and do things differently. All very good.

But, often, there is little attention to the need for cohesiveness and seamlessness in everything that brands do across different aspects of their behavior. There is often little or no thought given to the need for an inspiring brand purpose that shines through in all the brand’s behavior. And who would appreciate the old consumer axiom more than you – if you don’t have a purpose that can transform my life as a consumer, I have little use for you as a brand“.

The Rethink Company, as per the official website, is a commitment to continuously review and reimagine what advertising can do to help brands stay a step ahead offering a vast array of services including strategic consulting, campaign creation, influencer marketing, digital marketing, brand experience and more.

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Now, proudly donning the role of Founder & CEO of The Rethink Company, Sen believes that the need for a brand purpose and its centrality in brand behaviour are just the tip of the iceberg. Clearly, so much has changed in the last few years, that today, there is a lot more for marketers and agencies to rethink.

The note attached below attempts to capture just some of this to set up the need to look at advertising differently for the changing times.

After his 9 years long stint at TBWA/India, Sen joined Havas in 2014.
With 23 years of experience in engineering and re-engineering global and homegrown brands, he is an acknowledged expert in brand design, growth strategies, disruptive marketing, and integrated consumer journeys.