#SamosaTalks: Stories that stop thumbs from scrolling and evoke emotions can be told in under ten seconds: Sunita G.R, Facebook


With the recently launched Thumbstoppers, Facebook is attempting to promote a 10-second format where brands can tell stories.

With this initiative, they will work with creative agencies, educating them about the format’s intricacies. The partnership is expected to bring about a change in the overall ecosystem of advertising and how brands use the medium. With decreasing attention spans, it is essential for brands to find better ways to put across the same messages without compromising on the effectiveness.

Facebook’s rhetoric is clear — they want to promote the 10-seconds format as a short form, mobile-first storytelling. They want to encourage the industry to create short-form mobile storytelling that is built for the medium rather than one that is adapted from other traditional formats. “Thumbstoppers are those stories that can stop thumbs from scrolling, evoke emotions, and have the potential to change human behaviour in less than ten seconds,” says Facebook.

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“Mobile has fundamentally reshaped consumer behaviour. People consume as well as recall content faster on mobile. As mobile becomes more pervasive, there has emerged an ardent need for marketers and creative agencies to create mobile-first ads and to embrace the possibility that stories that stop thumbs from scrolling, evoke emotions, and change human behaviour can be told in under ten seconds,” says Sunita G.R., Head of Marketing at Facebook India.

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#SamosaTalks: Sunita G.R – Head of Marketing, Facebook

#SamosaTalks: With Facebook's announcement of Thumbstoppers, here’s presenting an exclusive tête-à-tête with Sunita G.R. – Head of Marketing, Facebook, shedding some light on the response that Thumbstoppers recieved, powerful storytelling, consuming mobile-first content and much more. Watch the entire interview here!

Posted by Social Samosa on Friday, 21 June 2019