Tata Pravesh’s attempt to ignite a moment with #ChoiceOfTheNation…

Tata Pravesh post election campaign

The Tata Pravesh post-election campaign, Pehla Din, aimed to celebrate the will of the nation. Our experts drop in their verdict on what the message holds.

India was witness to the longest running elections of all time this year with a 900 million voting population. The biggest democratic festival was equally important for the advertising world with many marketers latching onto the election mania.

Tata Pravesh rolled out its campaign titled ‘Pehla Din’ as a tribute to the #ChoiceOfTheNation.  The two-minute digital film showcases a narrative that revolves around an elected representative of the people getting ready for her first day in office. Pehla Din glorifies the triumph of inner strength. The film signs off with ‘Waqt unhi ka hota hai jo andar se mazboot hote hain’ – a tribute to the will of steel.

Campaign Insight

Elections are all about our right to choose. Tata Pravesh created Pehla Din, a film which celebrates #ChoiceOfTheNation. Running on digital media, the film is about new beginnings and opening the doors of our mind to progress.

Pravesh products have steel inside which gives them unmatched strength. Firmly rooted in the product, the idea for the film is about how you can take on the world if you have steel inside. The film highlights inner strength which helps surmount every challenge – an inherent trait of Tata Pravesh that ensures it stands strong for years, no matter what the odds; unlike wooden doors & windows which fail to stand the test of time.

P. Anand, Chief – Services & Solutions Business, Tata Steel Ltd claimed that Tata Pravesh has always ushered in new ideas and encouraged people to look at things differently. “Through all our films so far we have attempted to make people pause for a while and think,” he added.

The Creative Thoughtprocess

The individual elected as the nation’s representative should work for the people, honoring the faith that they have reposed in him/her. Sharing the concept creative Arjun Mukherjee, Executive Creative Director & VP, Wunderman Thompson, Kolkata said, “This perfectly timed film aims to remind every elected representative how they should do justice to the mandate they have been given, where their responsibility lies and how they should address every challenge – with steely resolve, what else?”

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Through this film, since India has already selected its fate, Tata Pravesh urges the nation to step confidently into a new beginning. In the words of the film – karo Pravesh ek nayi shuruaat mein.

While the narrative and thought process has been executed well, the campaign thought however fails to marry the brand and its proposition. The missing brand connect has been the talk of the town for a while now with many marketers joining the causevertising bandwagon; experts share their judgment on ‘Pehle Din’ and Tata Pravesh’s celebration for #ChoiceOfTheNation.

Experts Take:

Pranay Bhan, Associate Creative Director, 1702 Digital

Brand communication is visibly shifting from advertising to ’cause-vertising’, and some brands are often seen cracking the code seamlessly. Tata as an entity, even with it’s more recent offerings, is consistently addressing the thoughts and challenging perceptions of the common society, across multiple categories ranging from tea to doors.

‘Choice of the Nation’ is an impactful campaign that stitches together the topicality of Indian elections and women empowerment, along with touching on the concept of mother’s love – a classic example of a good mix.

From a creative execution standpoint, the narrative and music work well together, and the climax does leave the viewer thinking. 

Positive messaging coupled with a hopeful ending, Tata Pravesh played it smart. I am interested to see how well does the campaign perform from a business lens since the consumer sentiment seems quite positive over digital.

Dhananjay Arora, Founder & CEO, Kwebmaker Digital Agency  

The film is sweet, sensitive and touching and very well executed. Where it really fails is that there is no connection with the actual product they intend to market. I personally didn’t see how Tata Pravesh is marketing its doors and windows via the story/video. I understand the writers are talking about inner-strength and a whole new world waiting on the other side of the door but personally, I don’t see the film and emotion connect with the final product.