Twitter discards the feature allowing location tagging

Paawan Sunam
New Update

Twitter has announced that they would be removing the ability to tag your precise location in tweets.

The decision was taken on the basis of not enough users using this feature. However, the platform mentioned that you'd still be able to tag your precise location in photographs via the updated camera.

The feature was launched to make twitter location-aware. The insights behind launching this feature was letting users use it at an event like a concert or something that needs immediate attention like an earthquake.

The tweet-level location data would've also let you switch from reading the tweets of accounts you follow to reading tweets from anyone in your neighborhood or city—whether you follow them or not.

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However, most users didn't use this feature since it was launched in August, 2009. And, Twitter's above mentioned plans for the feature didn't take off.

Few users think that the step taken would make the platform safer as nobody would be able to know a precise location via reading a tweet. It would also simplify the tweeting experience.

The location-tagging feature was also released for developers, it's unclear whether the feature would still be available for developers. Twitter hasn't given any clarification on this. Although, if we just consider the announcement tweet, the feature would not be available to anyone.

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