Twitter updates rules making it easier to understand

Twitter rules

Twitter is refreshing Twitter rules with simple, clear language and have reorganized them into high-level categories.

Del Harvey, VP, Trust and Safety, Twitter mentioned in a blogpost that the process of adding new rules and updating old ones over time made it confusing and difficult to understand.

The refreshed rule page contains more information, examples, step-by-step instructions on how to report and details about what happens after you report.

The rules listed under each category explains itself in 280 characters or less describing clearly as to what is not allowed on Twitter.

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Each category is further divided into more sub-categories explaining the rules. Those sub-categories are further explained in the ‘Learn More’ tab.

For instance, the category Safety contains Violence, Terrorism, Child sexual exploitation and more. Privacy holds Non-consensual nudity and private information and more. Authenticity includes Platform manipulation & spam and Copyright and trademark.

Del Harvey states, “We’re working to make sure every rule has its own help page with more detailed information and relevant resources, with abuse and harassment, hateful conduct, suicide or self-harm, and copyright being next on our list to update.”