Updates: Facebook disclaimer page, Live Wallpapers, and more

Paawan Sunam
Jun 03, 2019 06:19 IST
New Update
Facebook disclaimer page

Facebook is working on a Facebook disclaimer page, toggle bar for notifications & more, while Instagram is yet again testing new features for Stories.

Facebook is working on a disclaimer page that clarifies how your ID or official documents are used upon identity confirmation submissions.

They state that the information would not be shared on your profile and would be deleted within 30 days of submission.

A similar disclaimer is also being worked on, clarifying the purpose of confirming mobile number on Facebook marketplace.

In September 2018, Facebook was found to be repurposing phone numbers gained from 2FA for targeted advertising. With this disclaimer they seem to be honestly admitting that they will use the phone numbers for targeted advertising, to reset passwords and suggest friends.

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Facebook for Android is working on Live Wallpapers that works like any other Live Wallpapers app but instead of shuffling through stock photos of landscapes and cityscapes it shuffles through your photos on Facebook.

Additionally, Facebook is testing an ability to turn notifications on or off for a specific tab of the platform. For instance, if you only actively use Marketplace & Groups on Facebook, you can turn the notifications on for those segments and turn the rest off.

Next up, Instagram is testing tapping Story Camera's focus to take pictures, previously you'd have to tap the subject to focus and then click the picture by tapping the Camera button.

Moreover, Instagram is also testing showing a list of the tagged people in a photo, in a format similar to the 'Following' list with a follow button.

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