World Yoga Day campaigns that breathe positivity

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World Yoga Day campaigns

Brands have stretched their creative arms and come up with some healthy campaigns this World Yoga Day.

Yoga, the physical, mental and spiritual practice originated in India is our gift to the world promoting breath control, simple meditation and bodily postures.

Brands have adopted these traits and merged it with theirs. The results are some spiritual and ascetic creatives.

Overall, most campaigns executed were driving the motive of healthy living and eating clean. By tapping this topical trend, brands also fulfilled a corporate social responsibility by promoting a physical and mental practice.

If we observe the current scenario, obesity in India has reached epidemic proportions in the 21st century.

Processed foods, unhealthy habits, lack of excercise, stressful work culture and more of such factors are leading to a deteriorating lifestyle.

In the wake of this, brands using their resources to promote wholesome habits is a noble initiative. More power to these brands.

Scroll through these #WorldYogaDay campaigns, hopefully you'll be inspired to stretch more than your thumbs.

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Tasty Treat -  Stretch-asan

Mumbai Metro

Mom's Magic

SBI Life Insurance‏

Tata Motors

Eicher Trucks&Buses

Bertolli India

Tic Tac India

Figaro Olive Oil

APL Apollo

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