Agency Feature: Buzzmakers

Buzz Makers

Who are we?

We are BuzzMakers! We are an eclectic bunch of buzzing bees strongly inspired by life, influenced by art, motivated by love and fame. 

We made our official entry into the world of digital media marketing in the year 2014. In our journey of 5 years, we have strengthened our roots and hold on various digital marketing & designing tools, and now we offer a varied range of creative and smart technical concepts and solutions to the clientele that ranges from startups to multinational companies.

What’s in the name?

We, at Buzz Makers, believe that every brand needs a buzz in the market and we want to help it bring to life using our knowledge and expertise. 

In short, we call ourselves Buzz Makers as we got hold of what we love to do and comprehend what people will call us for doing what we love. 

P.S. We took ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ row a bit thoughtfully. *winks while writing* 

Our Team

Buzz Makers

What we do?

Branding Digital Media Marketing Social Media Marketing Videography Websites & Apps Influencer Marketing.

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Why we do it?

Because we love what we do more than the Sukha Puri! 

*water in the mouth already as we type this* 

How we evolve?

Social Media Team – We surf, switch back to work and surf again throughout the internet on different national and international websites, social media pages, attend seminars, webinars, and calls conducted by Facebook and Twitter because social media changes the trend within a blink. 

Designers – We lookout for ideas on Behance, Pinterest, and our brains…of course! 

Meme Makers – Nothing better than watching 90s Movies, where boss thinks we do it for ideas but, that’s not the case. *grinning innocently as we say this out loud* 

Founders – By meeting and connecting with new and interesting people. 

Social responsibility in social media

The key social responsibility in social media is spreading positivity with the content you create. We need to set certain guidelines of what should we post and what should not keeping all the communities, their interests, and sentiments in mind.  

Need of the hour

A control on buying fake likes, followers, and comments is need of the hour. It is ruining the authenticity of the platforms, and the credibility factor for genuine brands. 

Another thing is the need for properly drafted Social Media rules, regulations and laws. 

We learned the hard way

Do not trust and use those scheduling apps as they might just increase your work 10x! 

Did we just share that?

We’ve many ‘Did-that-just-happen?’ and ‘Did-Client-just-say-that?’ moments in the entire day. Just sharing one won’t do the justice to our laughter moments.

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They work with us

Jalesh Cruises, Karma Media & Entertainment, Instarem, Yuvraj Entertainment, LLumar India, PharmaCons 

Industry as we foresee

The industry is booming and how! Everything is growing at the speed of thought, and all we can say is that the next big thing in the digital world is scheduling and postings will be done by just saying – Post photo number 34 on Twitter at 9:00 PM, Alexa! 

A day without Internet

We will get more SOCIAL. 

Lastly, are you hiring?

We’re always hiring! We love having creative minds around us every minute of the day.