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Digital Marketing Consulting

Who are we?

Digital Marketing Consulting began our journey as a small team in 2008, and now we have evolved into a Digital Marketing Company that has successfully served over 800 clients across different geographic locations. Digital Marketing Consulting was a joint and ambitious venture started out by two innovative thinkers- CT Shankar and Kalyan M.

We serve our clients with the sole objective of increasing their online presence via digital marketing techniques. With innovative digital marketing techniques and powerful, engaging content, we have boosted the social media performance for all our clients.

Our consulting firm is based in Hyderabad and we have engaged with clients from all spheres of marketing and technology industry.

What's in the name?

Our principal mission is to assist clients in achieving their business vision. We offer digital assistance to our clients and our brand name is entirely reflective of that. Our job encompasses all the fundamental aspects of digital marketing from SEO execution for websites to top-notch social media marketing. Our company came into being, with the intent of serving our clients in all the areas of digital marketing (that can keep them at the top of their game). Why make the name any more complicated?

What we do?

Digital Marketing Consulting offers a diverse range of services to solidify the client’s online presence such as Web Design, Development, Copywriting, SEO, SEM, SMO, and Paid Advertising.  We serve our clients with a skillfully planned

Digital Marketing Strategy that aligns with their business objectives of

garnering more revenue and leads. All these services are targeted towards increasing brand awareness and eventually generating more leads for the clients.

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Why we do it?

Digital Marketing has taken the world by storm in the last couple of decades. With the digital boom in India as well, the prospect for this industry is boundless and immense. What’s more interesting is that it is way more cost-effective, result-oriented and measurable than traditional forms of marketing.

We deploy the tools of digital marketing for our clients which saves them time, money and enables them to stay ahead of their competitors.  Over the

course of more than 10 years, we have observed the immense potential of digital marketing in transforming the graph of a particular business. With the changing marketing landscape and the increasing shift towards digital platforms, our consulting firm aims to drive the best results for the clients and their audience.

How we evolve?

The marketing industry is growing by leaps and bounds. We constantly attempt to keep up with the trends. We keep experimenting with fresh, often rebellious ideas in terms of design, content, social media themes and even paid advertising to stay relevant and unforgettable. Our process has evolved bit by bit, as we handled more challenging and high- profile clients over the years. In order to create an integrated brand the awareness campaign, we keep hunting and researching on what to showcase and how to achieve the best results with it.

Social responsibility in social media

As an agency, we take note of the industrial nature of our client and the target audience that we are catering to, on behalf of them. We undertake the responsibility of presenting them and their services/products in the best light. We understand that the digital space is an open forum for all individuals to connect and express. Hence every word is put out after thorough contemplation from our side.

We restrain our creativity from becoming controversial at all costs. Discipline, integrity, and honesty are the 3 principles by which we move forward.

The need of the hour

Any content that we create for our clients is thought over again and again and it goes through a series of the approval process to ensure that the communication is not offensive or derogatory to anyone in any way. Our PPC executives are always in sync with the ever-changing algorithms of Facebook and other social media platforms. This streamlines our work and ensures that the social media reach of every post is at an optimal level.

We learned the hard way

Patience, perseverance and proactive approach to every challenge has always enabled us to deliver on time and with due quality. Often clients in the past have put us on the spot with some creative requirement or content delivery within a short space of time. Situations like these have helped us to understand the value of a passionate, goal-driven team. We have observed often that sometimes the spirit of the employee is more important than their skill. Because no matter how tough things get, a reliable worker will keep giving his or her best.

Did we just share that?

Funny SMM incidents or amusing experiences with clients (without naming them if you’d prefer) – We couldn’t narrate it at this point.

They work with us

We have worked for more than 800 clients so far and at any given point of

time attended to the needs of 40-60 full-time clients. Our clients have hailed from the beauty industry, entertainment sector, real estate, acclaimed educational institutes, health, and wellness industry, high-profile restaurants, and technology startups to name a few. With every client, our marketing approach has differed and grown simultaneously with diverse experience.

The industry as we foresee

The marketing landscape has risen to new heights with the flourish of digital media and technology. Undoubtedly, it is going to revolutionize the entire marketing scenario even further and increase the business prospects for both companies like us and the clients whom we serve. In order to cater to a large mass and to take into account their diverse likes and dislikes, the work has to evolve and the fate of the social media industry will be ruled by innovative thinkers and bold writers.

A day without Internet

Needless to say, a day without the internet is a day of no work! However, such moments also become great opportunities for intense creative discussions among our team members. It is like going back to the old school methods where everything you have to attain and create from scratch. Such an exercise also helps in sharpening their thinking abilities and reduces their dependency on digital platforms all the time.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are constantly on the lookout for brilliant minds and original thinkers who can add further value to our company. Being engaged with clients from various spheres of work, we ensure a holistic experience for the freshers and a challenging environment for experienced individuals.

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