Agency Feature: Verb

Verb Agency Feature

Who are we? 

Verb is a pack of creative, strategy-obsessed, humanity-impelled digital natives driven every day by the urge to tell beautiful stories.

What’s in the name?

A verb is an essential part of any written or spoken communication. So there is obviously that. Also, we like to build on the basics, and stay true to a core design thinking. That’s our aesthetic. That’s the core of our sentence. The verb.

It also means action.  Which we find important in a world full of meetings and jargon. (There we said it.)

Our Team

Verb Agency Feature

What we do? 

We tell stories. That’s a cliché. But it’s true. 

The rest has honestly evolved over the years. What was initially meant to be another brand building and digital media agency has gone on to films, events, interviews, presentations, training programs, signage and much else.

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Why we do it? 

Because we are not this good at anything else. Believe us, we’ve tried.

How we evolve? 

We believe in 5 sharks over 50 fishes, and life-long learning. Fitment is a big deal at VERB, we are really concerned that as colleagues, we belong to the same vibe-tribe. Synergy is really important in what we do because we do so many different types of things, and a lot of it is always new, very transdisciplinary, and learnt on-the-job. So you’ve got to be super flexible and really receptive.

And that’s how we evolve. By doing things we have never done before and having each-other’s back.

Social responsibility in social media

Like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, ethics lies in the culture of the company. All of us are strongly political, sometimes idealistic to a fault, but as a young team of dreamers and shapers we believe it is our responsibility to contribute to and create a better world, because we have to live and die in it. The rest is just a matter of doing our jobs properly.

Need of the hour 

We believe the need of the hour is to co-create, co-inspire and coffee, several cups infact, towards the world that we want to live and create in. 

To do this, it is important to embrace our individuality and flourish in it, and also to understand and accept that we all have different gifts. Creativity is vast and beautiful and nobody’s sole mistress. Also, it is so much fun to work with capable teams – we need to come together as an industry as allies. Sharing ideas, collaborating for revenue generation, upholding ethics, increasing the aesthetic quotient of the people, standing-up for our own and holding on to our high standards of craft in creativity.

We learned the hard way 

To not work for free. As a young agency, it is very easy to get hard-balled. Just don’t. If you are good at what you do, never do it for free. The maths never works out even later.

Did we just share that? 

One person in the team always falls majorly ill during major crunch-time. We’ve done deadlines with nose-bleeds, high fever, severe cramps, pneumonia – it’s umm..yeah. It happened (not to the same person. And not at-once. Jesus Christ you’re dark!)

Oh, and there was also this one time a client called us in for a social media pitch and did not know what Instagram is. It happened last year (2018). #Truestory

They work with us 

ITC, Tata Steel, Tata Tiscon , National Digital Library of India, IIT Kharagpur, JD Jones, MHRD , Tata Trusts Sports, Kolkata International Photography Festival, Scarlet Splendor, Techno India schools, Signotron, Pumpsense

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Industry as we foresee 

The internet is the world’s largest democracy – however, her laws are yet to be formalized and her boundaries still relatively undecided. Her netizens are poised to include not just humans but also AIs, and hence the capabilities and priorities of these two species would probably dictate our industry.

Coming to India, home to a billion people and a million culture, social media would have to catch up to the glocal aesthetic and unique, multi-cultural ethnicities that are developing within pour country. One size has never fit us all, and we see social media diversifying into the real world through influencers, installation and experiential devices. There is also bound to be a lot of trans-disciplinary collaborations to meet the exponential demand for content. And perhaps also, a revisit of the long-format forms of video as people want to watch more and more stories for longer periods of time.

A day without Internet 

All of us are 90’s kids. We actually do quite well without the internet! We usually start drawing out our thoughts, or brainstorming on how we would run the country if given a choice, and think of other names for spells, dragons and random objects in the room.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes actually.

We’re looking for:

  1. Graphics designer (2-3 years exp)
  2. Client Servicing Executive (Fresher- 1 year exp
  3. Creative Copywriter (2-3 years exp)