Agency Feature: DigitalOye


Who are we?

DigitalOye is a performance oriented Digital Marketing agency.

What’s in the name?

DigitalOye. The Oye in the name depicts that we listen.

We listen to our clients and we listen to the market trends in digital world. We provide the awesome (Oye) factor with our work.

And the short form “DO” represents that we actually believe in doing than mere promising.

What we do?

We cater to all sort of Digital Marketing activities under one Umbrella ranging from SEO, SMM, Ads, Content Marketing, Email and SMS marketing to Ads, App Marketing and development too.

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Why we do it?

We have seen the deficient in the market for a good digital marketing Services.

It all started when we began our company – India Internets and Vayuhost, which provided domain hosting and website development services. We could not market efficiently about our business. That’s when it struck to us to digital marketing is the way to a successful business.

Since then we never looked back and started DigitalOye and from then have served a lot of businesses

How we evolve?

Constantly evolving and growing requires one to be updates the latest know how, tools and actionable insight from the pioneers in the field. Learning comes through experience and experience comes from mistakes. This is true in our case, we have evolved more with learning from our mistakes.

We have ensured that our team is always equipped with the latest tools and updated in the latest trends to work efficiently.

We had various training programs in house and certification as mandatory.

We have a meet and share sessions on the new things learnt. This has given us maximum advantage as one gets to learn from what others had to share. It has also increased the trust among peers and thus enhancing the overall knowledge of team.

Social responsibility in social media

The person handling the Brand Social Presence is the key person to increase the visibility of the brand in positive image. They will be the 1st person to initiate or promote anything or to get to know the bad review from the user. Hence, we will be honest in every possible manner before promoting a new thing. The social responsibility is at par with the brand image. As social media is so powerful, it can make you or break you, based on your input and response to user sentiments.

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Need of the hour

To target the users at the right time and to know the right time, you need to understand the buyer sentiments well before he makes the change. Sometimes the buyer is not aware of the problem that he might face. We need to educate them to avoid the issue and earn his trust

We learned the hard way

During the last decade we had been experimenting enough with our marketing strategies and sometimes the failure was not anticipated by the clients and we need to provide the cushion that there is a small chance that some strategy might not work, even though that strategy is working for their competitors. With the actionable insights we were able to give unique custom strategies to the clients according to their business needs.

Industry as we foresee

Digital Marketing will be an important pillar in future for marketing. It will be a standalone department which will be responsible for the growth of the company as the sales department is used to be now. People with great digital skills will be using the sentiment and emotional quotient of the users to target the prospect and will be nurturing them from a visitor to the desired conversion. It will play a vital role in increasing the brand awareness and mining the present data to meaningful insights.

A day without Internet

Businesses are thriving with Internet, without it they will fail eventually