Civil services aspirant? Quora influencers have answers for you

Quora influencers

With followers in thousands, Quora influencers who have cracked the civil services exams often share experiences and motivate younger ones on the same path.

For a student, anyone who is vocal about their experience of having successfully crossed the hurdles is someone to look up to, an excellent influencer. On Quora, there seem to be quite a few people on either end of the learning curve, existing in perfect harmony. Those who have cracked the civil services exams share their experiences and gain followers, often ranging in thousands become Quora influencers.

There are certain trends that can be seen in these interactions ⁠— information dissemination, preparatory tips and the building of a personal brand.

Motivational stories

One of the most common types of discussions on Quora around civil services is the aspect of life choices that led people to their achievements. How many hours did they study? Is coaching important? How many times did the person fail before they cracked the exam? Did they think of giving up? What motivated them to keep going? These stories help establish the kind of aura that attracts aspirants. Success stories that came after hardships get quite a traction.

Preparatory tips

Most aspirants seek answers to questions that bother them while preparing for exams. These range from tips on how to study a particular subject to actual questions, seeking easy ways to find solutions. Writing hacks and books to refer are another set of popular queries that are asked and answered. These questions help aspirants with the guidance they need and influencers to establish a trust factor, further helping with the flow of more questions and queries.

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Sharing opinions

As the popularity of influencer increases, they are even asked to share opinions about the current happenings and trending topics. These insights usually have an academic approach as these form study matter and help students prepare well. Here, the aspirants get the information they need and influencers get to express their opinions in a refined manner.

Going beyond text

One of the most interesting trends visible on Quora is how it gives people a space to share visual content posted on YouTube. The platform links these videos to questions that are relevant to the discussion. It gives influencers a chance to promote their content and aspirants to get the study matter they seek. At times, the videos being shared are just not directly related to the influencers. It’s the content that they found helpful and/or interesting.

Personal branding

When it comes to civil servants sharing information and opinions on social media, there is a certain understanding of do’s and don’ts they follow. The interactions are usually informative and steer clear of politics. In such a scenario, Quora appears to be an easy platform to build a personal brand that can be leveraged to eventually talk about issues that matter.