Disney’s #ThatAwkwardMoment shows hilarious impact of content for adults on kids


Disney India recently came up with an unorthodox ad campaign, titled, #ThatAwkwardMoment showing the hilarious results of kids consuming adult content.

The idea behind the Disney campaign is to educate viewers of the fact that adult content such as soaps, movies, et al, can have a tremendous impact on children.

In the 30 sec spot, a mother tries to enquire the whereabouts of the ‘science book’ from her daughter. To her surprise tantamount to a contrary Ekta Kapoor daily soap, the kid replies back to ‘avenge’ her friend because she tried to scheme a ‘shadyantra’ against her.

#ThatAwkwardMoment when your 6 year old uses words like ‘shadiyantra’ ?

Posted by Disney India on Tuesday, 16 July 2019

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Created in the aftermath of TRAI hearing allowing users to select their own channel packs, Disney attempts to get viewers to purchase their INR 10 children’s content pack. The campaign further brings out the message of how the brand produces content suitable for the age group and will not have such hilariously put across serious impact on the child.

Just like the video ends where the kid tells her mom “Dekthe Jao” the message pops out clearly showing how it will only get worse if kids keep watching adult content.