DATA: 'Face with Tears of Joy' most-used emoji on Facebook

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Bobble AI launched a trend report on emoji usage data in our day to day conversations on smartphones.

Also, the trend emoji usage data report showcases top-ranking emojis used on online dating apps, for sexting, during menstruation and others. Bobble AI-based emoji recommendation engine suggests and predicts a combination of most used and relevant emojis by interpreting the chat context, sentiments, and intent.

According to the emoji usage data gathered from the year 2018 until now, there has been approximately 36% increase in emoji sharing across social media platforms via Bobble keyboard. The app has registered more than 25 Million users until now. As for the user base, Tier 2 and 3 cities occupy 66% and the remaining 34% is from Tier 1 cities.

Emoji usage data for Facebook/WhatsApp


●63% of our users are on Facebook every day, and 97% on Whatsapp

Face with Tears of Joy is a common winner across categories and social media platforms

●The nature of the platforms also affects ranking. Facebook being a public platform has  Face with Tears of Joy as number 1, and Whatsapp being a private chatting service has  Face Blowing a Kiss as number 1

●It’s interesting to note that there is only one dissimilarity between the top 10. Facebook has  Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes and Whatsapp has the romantic 

Kiss Mark!

● During festivals/national events, emoji usage is elevated considerably

Top 10 emojis used in online dating apps


● Emojis used in conversations on dating apps tend to express joy, be more flirty and romantic. This may lead to casual dating opportunities and emojis used like Clinking Beer Mugs,  Couple With Heart, and  Kiss Mark

Top 10 emojis used while Sex-ting


● Owing to an increase in smartphone ownership among teenagers, the prevalence of sexting among adolescents has increased.

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Top 10 emojis used to express Menstruation


●Bobble Keyboard has a female audience between the ages of 18-44, occupying 40% of the user base. The group talking specifically about menstruation majorly lies between the age range of 18-34, and this category itself is growing massively.

●For this audience, the major emotion at play here is negative, like Sadness and Disgust, which encompasses all the top 10 emojis

*The trend report is based on the data collected on the Bobble AI platforms only. This information is made available by Bobble for educational purposes only as well as to give you general information on the usage of emojis.

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