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Facebook monetization tools

Facebook introduced a new range of Facebook monetization tools and updates for creators sharing original content to monetize and manage their presence and build a business.

In its latest blog, the platforms shares the updates and new avenues in the Facebook monetization tools.

Revenue through ads

Ad breaks are open to eligible creators in more than 40 countries supporting 17 languages. The new feature being introduced will let creators use non-interruptive ad formats like pre-roll or image ads in a video, to better support videos and have a natural break for ads.


Revenue through Brand Collaborations

Brand Collabs Manager, the tool introduced last year is being enhanced with new features. Facebook is bringing performance insights into Brand Collabs Manager so that creators and brands can now see how their branded content posts are performing and the engagement they are getting directly within the platform.

Another facet being introduced is the ability for creators to share their audience with the advertiser for ads targeting, enabling the business partner to target ads featuring that particular post to the creator’s followers in addition to boosting it to broad relevant audiences.

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Revenue through fans

Fan subscriptions let fans support their favorite creators with a monthly recurring payment, in exchange for special rewards like exclusive content, merchandise discount codes and closer access to the creator through tools like Live or polls. Fan subscriptions is being expanded to more countries.

Creators can now offer supporter-only Groups as a fan subscriptions benefit so that supporters can interact with the creator and each other in a private space.

They also now have access to more insights, including a view of their supporters’ status—new, active, and churned—over time.

Facebook Stars, a feature initially introduced for gaming creators is now being adapted for video creators, allowing viewers to send Stars during live and on-demand videos as a way of providing one-time support. This is bring tested with a small set of creators to understand how people respond.


Creator Studio: Manage your presence

New Monetization Overview Section

To enable creators to see and manage all of their monetization products in one place—including monthly earnings and monetization product eligibility, Facebook is rolling out a dedicated Monetization Overview section in Creator Studio.


Bringing Instagram and IGTV to Creator Studio

The platform is integrating Instagram insights, content management, and publishing tools for both Instagram feed posts and IGTV into Creator Studio.


New Audience and Retention Insights

New insights are being launched to help video creators better understand the demographics, viewing behaviors, and interests of their audience, as well as how long people are watching their videos.

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