#CWC2019 In-depth: Greenply World Cup 2019 campaign aims to make the brand synonymous to the category

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Greenply World Cup 2019 campaign

Greenply World Cup 2019 campaign celebrated the game of cricket asking consumers to share their #MyMatchSpot.

I was not told to get up from my seat because some of my colleagues thought that it was a lucky spot and since I was watching the match sitting there, the Indian team hadn't lost any wickets in the recently concluded India vs New Zealand semi-final. Yes, that's how we Indians take cricket seriously. A story encapsulated in Greenply World Cup 2019 campaign.

Taking the celebration of cricket ahead and leveraging the World Cup fever, Greenply Industries Limited (Greenply) launched a digital campaign, #MyMatchSpot, to engage with cricket enthusiasts, creating conversations around the crazy superstitions we attach to cricket.

The campaign film opens with Sharma Ji watching a game and pulling his armchair to a particular spot for the match while in another household it is Chintu, a teenager who is undisturbed despite his mother’s continuous yelling and refuses to get up from his spot until the match ends.


behind #MyMatchSpot

Every cricket fan has a superstitious belief/ritual when they're watching their favorite team play. For some, it’s the t-shirt they wear while for others it’s the spot they sit on or the posture they sit in. The brand identified and found a brand connect in one such superstition, that would enable them to reach to a large audience whether a person is in his 20's, 40's or 60's or from any part of India! 




Sanidhya Mittal, Executive Director, Greenply informed that the objective is making a low involvement brand & category that's led by b2b move towards a consumer engaging brand in order to enable brand recognition & consideration in the minds of a consumer. Also making Greenply synonymous to the category (plywood, veneers, doors & blockboards).   


Big Brief

The film has been conceptualized by Digitale, Kolkata.  Mrinal Lunia, Director, Digitale and the brief was to come up with a campaign that has longevity and can connect to the consumers in an instant while having a strong brand connect. 

The objective was to show the brand in a new light and resonate with both the b2b & b2c consumer through the one common campaign.  

Creative Thought Process

The spot you sit on during the game is one such superstition the team identified and found a great brand connect to. Using this insight Digitale crafted a campaign that was spread into 3 phases - Teaser, Launch & Sustain.

The teasers set the base for the campaign launch which happened through its video across channels as well as relevant publisher sites; the campaign was then sustained through match specific short spot videos, contests & user generation posts asking users to share their stories with Greenply.  

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The Consumer


“The response received on the campaign from the audience has gone above our expectations, we've crossed the 3 million mark on views across all digital channels, YouTube & Facebook being our key channels for video promotions with a view rate of 58% on YouTube,” Mittal elucidated.  

Apart from the videos the company has received an engagement rate of 24% on social across the posts & contests.


#MyMatchSpot out and beyond

Greenply’s strategy during the World Cup duration has been to keep the consumers engaged through a mix of content that's educative, informative, engaging & value added to a consumer's day to day life. It has also leveraged the roles of different channels to create content for 2 segments of audiences, B2B & B2C depending on where a certain type of user is spending most of his time and type of content he is consuming. 

Mittal opined that every channel on social has a different role to play and caters to a different set of audience, for example, Facebook is for a consumer who is end-user of the product and relates to simple & engaging content that's quick to consume. "Twitter is for topical & news updates as opposed to Instagram which is rich imagery focused channel that useful to interior designers & architects in our case & LinkedIn which is used to convey the brand's message & updates for its stakeholders".

Not going

the ‘Anthem’ way

This year it rained anthems in the ad world. However, Greenply chose to not join the bandwagon. “It's a crowded space as mentioned, videos that draw an emotional connect with the consumer has worked well for us in the past, for example, the sasta ply campaign or the stop saying women can't campaign, the numbers have proven that content such as this sticks with our audience as its relatable &engaging,” Mittal highlights.

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