Influencer engagement works better than celebrity engagement for us: Bhavishya Kelappan, Mia by Tanishq

Here we unravel the Mia by Tanishq marketing strategy with Bhavishya Kelappan as he speaks about the brand's tone, personality, & strategy

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Mia by Tanishq marketing strategy

Mia by Tanishq adds quirk to jewels, enticing women to indulge in impulse purchasing. Here we unravel the Mia by Tanishq marketing strategy.

Jewellery has been traditionally associated with familial heritage. However, things are changing. Mia by Tanishq is one of the brands that's putting forth strong rhetoric of how jewellery can be a mode of self-expression and associating the concept of impulse purchasing with jewels. The investment narrative is tweaked with the help of introducing affordable price points. "Our brand positioning and communication cues fashion more than it does jewellery in its traditional form," says Bhavishya Kelappan, Brand Head, Mia by Tanishq. Here's more about Mia by Tanishq marketing strategy.

There has been a shift of rhetoric from gifting jewellery to buying jewels for self — could you list the factors that are considered while creating such a campaign with compelling rhetoric?

The modern women of today have an unbreakable spirit that helps them to be always on the move and constantly in action. Our fashionable 14-carat lightweight, affordable jewellery has led to the creation of a shift in purpose — from gifting to purchasing it for themselves. We create campaigns keeping in mind the buying triggers of the consumer. The key is to keep the fashion statement in mind and that this is about making affordable fashion jewellery available. We try to bring alive a collection, highlighting the design insight that inspired the product line.

Please take us through your social commerce strategy. As compared to other mediums, how helpful has social commerce been for the brand?

Mia is a digital-first brand and currently, all our efforts are underway in making our mark and carving a unique space for the brand in the mind of our customer, through the medium of digital media. The major proof is the views and the comments that we receive once we launch a campaign.

What was the idea behind the #MeInAction series going on social media? How has the response been so far?

The idea behind the #MeInAction was to introduce women from different walks of life, showcase their unique personalities and the passion they have to make a difference. Another aspect we wanted to highlight was how women constantly bring in their ideas to life without the fear of consequences. Lastly, the intention was to bring forth how the modern Indian women of today are always on the move, putting their ideas into action. We received immense support and great response for our #MeInAction campaign. In fact, some of the videos that we uploaded have garnered more than a million views. Providing inspiring and relatable content is one of our major strengths.

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What kind of content hooks work on social media for the brand? Please share the top 3 social media tactics that have worked for you.

The major content hooks that work for the brand are highly interactive and relatable content, tailoring the content according to the target market and creating a campaign that will focus on major life events.

As a marketer, how often do you work with influencers? Mia by Tanishq being a high-end product, does influencer marketing yield desirable results or celebrity endorsement works better?

For every collection launch, we engage with influencers.

For Mia, influencer engagement works better than celebrity engagement. This is because influencers have a very niche appeal and are much more relatable to our customers.

It helps us create viral content, establish a connect between the brand and the target audience and to create a better impact on the customers through reliability.

Do you feel credibility and trust in a jewellery brand can be created by digital advertising and marketing alone or a certain percentage of traditional advertising and marketing methods have to be used to sustain it? In the latter case, what would be the ideal percentage?  

Credibility and trust are two critical aspects that buyers generally consider while purchasing jewellery. Our TG is consuming digital the most. Digital advertising and marketing campaigns are very important as success can be measured through sales conversion. The traditional advertising message also plays a vital role as it conveys the thought, idea, attitude, image, the brand wishes to convey. Mia also enjoys the strong legacy of Tanishq and trust is one of the most important parts of our core values.

Do you feel the strong independent woman imagery in narrative advertisements today are an overused concept?

At Mia, we believe that women are powerful and they need to be celebrated, but not patronised. We are feminine and not feminist as a brand. Every woman has strong unique personalities which are inspirational in nature and we love telling those stories. For instance, Mia recently came up with the #MeInAction campaign to celebrate the women of today. It highlights the unique personalities of each woman, and how they give life to their ideas. We believe in applauding the modern women for being dynamic, confident and absolutely unapologetic through this campaign.

As a marketer, what are some of the digital and social media marketing trends you have seen in this space?  Please take us through the Mia by Tanishq marketing strategy

Good content still matters. Content is and will always remain at the heart of marketing. Content marketing continues to be an essential component of digital marketing. Also, there has been a rise in micro-influencers that help driving conversations for brands via storytelling.

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