Know Your Leader: Prakash Javadekar

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Know Your Leader: Prakash Javadekar

Prakash Javadekar uses social media primarily to post visual updates about his work and life as a Cabinet Minister.

Prakash Javadekar — Minister of Environment, Forest & Climate Change and Information and Broadcasting


Social Media Footprint

While Javadekar's Facebook page is a series of official updates about the ministries he heads and the central government at large, news clips often peek through in between. On Twitter, much of the communication are retweets of content by the Press Information Bureau, DD Channel, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and his Cabinet colleagues. He also documents news channel clips and other media interactions featuring him.

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Sharing a slice of work

Javadekar's media interactions and speeches in the Lok Sabha are very well documented by the means of his official website and YouTube channel. This trickles down to his social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter as well. It is easy to find all public information on Javadekar with a few clicks. Most pictures shared by Javadekar are him addressing the public, participating in a meeting or at an event in an official capacity. The documentation is strongly visual in nature.

People connect

A majority of visuals posted by Javadekar fall under the template political communication most Cabinet Minister seem to follow. The tone of updates is official and the imagery is feel-good. It helps create a favourable image of the public representatives they are. Javadekar too meets public often and shares pictures of those interactions, creating a sense that he is a leader who listens and is willing to work for the people who have voted for him.

This is a part of the series — Know Your Leader. It's a series by Social Samosa where we put across a concise analysis of how our cabinet ministers use social media to communicate. You can read all the parts here.

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