Case Study: How NapNap reached 1.7 lakh users organically

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Category Introduction

Retail:Baby-tech Lifestyle Products

Indian baby retail market is growing at the rate of 17% CAGR Y.O.Y and is going to close around $30bn in FY 2019. The market trends are changing because of rising disposable income, rapid urbanisation, nuclearisation of families and increased internet accessibility.

Brand Introduction

NapNap is a collective of creative innovators with a common cause - to ensure the baby and the parents get an adequate amount of sleep. They solve real-world problems with the creation of functional, simple and elegantly designed products and solutions.


The #FirstCupOfMotherhood campaign made mothers relive all the precious moments of their little ones. Through a week long campaign, NapNap Mat dedicated each day to a particular ‘first’ that is extremely precious to a mother and asked them to upload the picture of the same.

The #FirstCupOfMotherhood campaign was completely organic, without any advertising dollars being spent.

Problem Statement/Objective

As this was NapNap’s first Mother’s Day, they wanted to engage with mothers on social media in a meaningful and emotional manner.

Creative Idea

The baby’s ‘firsts’ – the first grip, the first crawl, the first steps and more, are very special and emotional for a mother. She often gets caught up in the everyday hustle and forgets about the same. Through #FirstCupOfMotherhood, NapNap wanted to make all the mothers relive their motherhood journey by celebrating their baby’s ‘firsts’.


The challenge was to stand out from all the campaigns that take place during the Mother’s Day without spending a ton of advertising dollars. The challenge was also to make mothers take time out of their busy schedules and engage throughout the week.


The brand kicked off the campaign a week before the Mother’s Day and executed it through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Throughout the week, they dedicated each day to a particular ‘first’ that is extremely precious to a mother and asked them to upload the picture of the same.

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The ‘Firsts’ celebrated were –

First Picture

First Finger Hold

First Tooth

First Sit

First Crawl

Favorite First

To encourage the audience to participate, there was a giveaway worth INR 30,000.

The brand also reached out to their well-wishers in the mother blogging/influencer community and urged them to participate and share about the contest. Soon, the #FirstCupOfMotherhood campaign picked up and many other mom bloggers started reaching out to the brand to share about the campaign.


On Mother’s Day, NapNap asked the mothers to upload their favourite picture with the baby and write a note to the baby. The brand made a video of using all the entries received for the #FirstCupOfMotherhood campaign and conducted a live session wishing all the mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day.


NapNap was able to reach over 1.7 Lakh people and engaged with over 20,000 people. With over 135 daily participants, the #FirstCupOfMotherhood campaign received 638 entries.

The whole experience of reliving their motherhood journey was very heart-warming for the mother and the brand received heartfelt appreciation for taking them through that journey. Throughout the week, there was constant excitement amongst the community members to know the next day’s cue.


CMO Quotes

Swapnil Rao, the co-founder of NapNap Mat, says, “It was our first Mother’s Day as a brand and we really wanted to make it special by celebrating every moment of the journey with not only the mothers of our community but also all mothers on Facebook and Instagram. We have always had the firm belief that if the core insight and the idea is good and authentic, then the campaign has to resonate with the audience. We are very humbled and overjoyed with the response and love that we received.”

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