Occasion Marketing campaigns that still spark festive vibes

Occasion Marketing campaigns

Occasion Marketing campaigns have given us a glimpse of our diverse culture and turned our life into a carnival. Social Samosa celebrates a few of such campaigns.

Occasions are not just restricted to gifting anymore. Occasion Marketing has become an integral part of many brands’ strategy and an important part of the content calendar.

The strategy ‘Occasion Marketing’ has shaped up over the years through offline ads to television commercials to now social media campaigns.

The numerous demographics in one geography bring us numerous occasions in one particular year. And, these occasions are more or less celebrated in all parts of the country. So, it’s not shocking to see when a man of Muslim origins is buying a cake on Christmas, or a Christian buying a box of sweets on Diwali.

A theme of such ‘Unity in Diversity’ has been knocked by Brooke Bond Red Label with their Ganesh Chaturthi campaign where they portray a Muslim sculptor creating Ganesh idols.

Brands have also divulged in long-format storytelling through their campaigns on various Occasions, choosing to narrate a heartfelt story over the debate of long format v/s short format content.

For instance, Centuryply’s 2018 Durga Puja campaign gives insights into what working-class people might go through during cash crunches before a festival and how the undying faith helps them come through.

Another Occasion Marketing campaign with a powerful story is – John Lewis & Partners 2018 Christmas campaign ft. Sir Elton John.

John Lewis & Partners have given us some of the most iconic Christmas campaigns over the years and still, Sir Elton John has managed to stand out and raise the bar on this brand’s pop culture prevalence and the advert is also critically acclaimed.

The festive season also takes us through a roller coaster of emotions, hence we see a slate of sentimental stories that are made with the motive of striking through our hearts.

For example, Air Canada’s Gift Of Home. An initiative by Air Canada providing free travel to a few people, so they can spend their holidays with their family.

Aligning social causes with the occasion’s theme is another practice followed by many brands. Like Saregama Carvaan’s #ShorYaSangeet tapping the horrifying experience, dogs face during Diwali due to noise pollution or ICRC’s The One Gift Santa Can’t Deliver, that dives in the war scenario in the present world where children are separated from families and all they want for Christmas, is their family.

The festival season accounts for almost 30-40% of the total ad spends for most CPG companies. This is because consumer spends increase by a substantial amount too. Consumer demand during the festive season grew by 40% in 2018 since the year hitherto, according to reports.

Consumer spends have only increased steadily since 2010. The festive season generates as much as 30% of yearly sales for sectors such as consumer durables.

With almost every brand creating a campaign on occasions very few manage to stand out.

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Big Bazaar

Saregama Carvaan

John Lewis & Partners Christmas Ad 2018 – #EltonJohnLewis ?

Air Canada – Gift Of Home

ICRC – The One Gift Santa Can’t Deliver

Tata Motors – #CelebratingGoodness

Surf Excel Pakistan

MTV India

Greenply Plywood


Calcutta Times – #NoConditionsApply

This Durga Pujo, we welcome you to a #NoConditionsApply Shindoor Khela. Join us along with Rituparna Sengupta, Gargee RoyChowdhury, Manobi Bandyopadhyay and Sohini Sengupta in the movement by sending us your double dot shindoor selfie.

Posted by Calcutta Times on Monday, 25 September 2017

HDFC Bank – #RakshaMatlabRokNahi

TVF Qtiyapa

Rights Bestowed Vs Rights Exercised..Let’s see where our rights stand in 2018.

Posted by TVF Qtiyapa on Friday, 26 January 2018

Mother’s Recipe – #EkAchaarDeshKeNaam

War widows play the role of a mother, a father, and a son! While we celebrate the bravery of our martyrs, let us also support their families. #EkAcharDeshKeNaamTo contribute to the welfare of War Widows, click on the link below: http://mothersrecipe.com/ekachaardeshkenaam/#IndianArmy #JaiHind

Posted by Mother's Recipe on Monday, 22 January 2018

Brooke Bond Red Label – Shree Ganesh Apnepan Ka

Prega News – #GoodNewsIsGenderFree

Thomas Cook – #CricketDateWithDad

Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai – All India Bakchod

It's time to bust their myth. #PyaarEkDhokaHai

Posted by All India Bakchod on Wednesday, 7 February 2018



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