Penguin Random House India partners with storytelling platform, Wattpad

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Penguin and Wattpad

Penguin Random House India collaborates with a storytelling platform, Wattpad to interact with 70 million readers and writers, globally.

In this partnership, authors of the publishing house will be featured on the storytelling platform, interacting with a global community of 70 million readers and writers.

Wattpad’s massive community of story-lovers will now have the

opportunity to preview exclusive content from Penguin authors about their

upcoming books. The publishing house will also bring their authors and editors

for ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) sessions on Wattpad, where they will interact and

answer questions posed by Wattpad followers.

Commenting on the association, Penguin Random House India spokesperson

said, ‘This is a symbiotic relationship where we join forces to inspire, inform

and entertain. Wattpad is an excellent platform for our authors and editors to

connect with a large and relevant audience base. We are looking forward to

engaging with readers and writers; sharing exciting content and helping people

discover new books.’

Devashish Sharma, India Country Manager, Wattpad said, ‘All over the world, writers have built a massive community of followers on Wattpad. We are working every day to create opportunities for Indian writers, so it’s amazing to see prestigious names like star fantasy fiction writer Krishna Udayasankar, bestselling authors Durjoy Datta and Sudeep Nagarkar and debut writer Roshan Ali joining the Wattpad community.’

Viral Jani, Sr VP, Operations at Times Bridge added, ‘We are happy to see Wattpad welcoming writers from one of the world’s biggest publishing houses. By joining Wattpad, Penguin’s roster of literary trailblazers will be able to inspire and encourage published authors, budding writers and enthusiastic readers to interact and create a more vibrant literary community. Penguin’s enviable list of authors and content and Wattpad’s worldwide audience of literary enthusiasts makes for a perfect match. We are confident this will be a success and aim to bring more unique collaborations on the table for Wattpad this year.’

Times Bridge, a leading investment firm that brings global companies

with bold ambitions to India, recently invested in Wattpad. Times Bridge is

working alongside Wattpad to forge new publishing and entertainment

partnerships that will increase Wattpad’s market footprint.

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