Pinterest introduces Engagement Tab and shopping hub

Pinterest Engagement Tab

Pinterest is introducing a Pinterest Engagement Tab for moderation and effective management of comments for business accounts and a shopping hub for users.

Unlike the previous times, moderating and responding to comments on different pins can be done through one individual tab. The new Engagement Tab will also let you to disable comments for a particular post.

Business accounts can also comment on Activity Pins through the Engagement Tab. Previously, moderating and responding to comments on different pins required each pin to be accessed separately.

Pinterest users having business accounts routinely tend to have tight schedules and an individual tab through which they can manage most of their engagement would prove fruitful for their efficiency on the platform.

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In other news, Pinterest is rolling out shopping hubs in your home feed and browsable catalogs alongside Pins.


In addition to personalized shopping hubs, Pinterest is also rolling out an updated shopping section below Pins.

With Facebook’s Marketplace, Snapchat’s shop from influencers and Instagram’s shoppable tags and in-app shopping, retailers have yet another avenue to use social media platforms for sales.

Pinterest might also benefit from this new feature as it makes the platform shoppable and users already come on the platform to discover products and extending that now users can also shop the products they discover.