SUGAR Cosmetics unveils digital campaign for premium range of color cosmetics

SUGAR Cosmetics unveils digital campaign for premium range of color cosmetics

The ad film talks about every woman’s dreams and aspirations that start somewhere but get buried under the big question of ‘WHAT IF?’

The campaign ‘All That Matters Is Mettle’ resonates about those women who prove and own their mettle – the women of grit, the women of substance, the women who are bold & fearless, who get things done. Through this campaign, SUGAR Cosmetics inspires its consumers to never stop believing in themselves, rise strongly in times of failures and diffidence, and motivate their peers through their successful journey of hard work and resilience.

Speaking about the campaign, Vineeta Singh, CEO, SUGAR Cosmetics says, “Our idea with Mettle was to go beyond the traditional definitions of beauty and celebrate the beauty of women who have the mettle to dream big and go after their dreams. It’s a journey littered with failures, apprehensions, and self-doubt and I say this from personal experience as an entrepreneur. Every rejection I faced made me fight harder and emerge stronger. Through our digital ad film, we want to inspire our community to rise and move forward after every fall because they do have the mettle to chase any dream they set their heart on.”

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Adding to this, Amrita Shinde, Head of Brand Marketing,  SUGAR  Cosmetics said, “It’s only the ones who have the spirit and fortitude to go for their goals, are the ones who get there and shine above the others. And this is exactly the message that we want to share with all our consumers. The ‘All That Matters Is Mettle’ Ad Film showcases 5 different women and their journey to success, where their Mettle has made them what they are. All we want is to shout out to every woman out there – Own Your Mettle, And Never Give Up!”