Guess who just joined Instagram?#TalesOfJeh

Tata Companies

Tata Companies recently made a debut on the photo-sharing site with riveting posts to celebrate its iconic founder.

Sunken polaroids, manifested tales, and travel chronicles – Tata Companies recently gave way to the prominence Instagram holds amongst brands. Certainly, the peer pressure of the filters online was humongous enough to lead such a geriatric brand on the platform. But what was most striking was the way Tata companies used their Instagram debut to celebrate its 115th anniversary. #TalesOfJeh took over to ploy the internet with appealing tales of the iconic founder of the conglomerate.

10th February in 1929, JRD Tata became India’s first pilot to receive his flying license. From hence on he went on to pioneer the civil aviation industry in the country. Through another spot on their infant Instagram page, Tata Companies celebrated JRD Tata’s first flying experience. A series of polaroids leads down the memory lane and surely leaves a trail. “Sky is the limit ” is what incurs through this set of posts.

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The camaraderie JRD Tata shared with Thelly (his half-English wife) had been the talk of the town. Jeh: A Life of JRD is nothing short of a life relived. Reflecting their latest Instagram space, Tata Companies shares the travel tales of its iconic founders. A collage of snaps of JRD Tata and Thelly screams conventional. A sneak peek lets alone tell us their most eventful Darjeeling honeymoon tale. Take a look here: