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Platform Feature myRosys

About the Tool

myRosys is a social media management tool which helps to increase the reach of social media content on different social platforms. It eases the management of social media campaigns and reduces the time and effort to post content on different platforms. Social networks covered by myRosys are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Instagram.

myRosys is developed and managed by GlocalEdge, a digital marketing agency. The founding member and CEO of the company, Kush Jain has over 15 years of experience of working in the field of strategic marketing and application development and has worked with organizations like Microsoft & Oracle.

Whom do we cater to?

myRosys is helpful for every company which intends to increase the reach of their social content across different platforms. With its multiple features, it can cater to a wide audience belonging to different industries. Many brands which feel the need to organize their content calendar can schedule the posts well in advance.

myRosys has been developed keeping in mind the needs of different industries in online marketing space and caters to the pain points of the industry through its innovative and state-of-the-art solutions.

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What do we offer to our consumers?

Social Media Marketing solution offered by myRosys could be broadly categorized into 5 categories:

  • Social Media Amplification – The success of the content shared on social media platforms is often related to the reach it acquires. By using myRosys, brands could leverage the social networks of the industry influencers and their internal employees to gain exponential reach for their content.
  • Social Media Monitoring – One of the most important aspect of social media marketing for brands is to know what people are talking about them on social platforms. Using the extensive analytical features of myRosys, one could easily gauge the social sentiment around the brand and could customize their content accordingly.
  • Social Media Post Management – It is a time-consuming task to post content on different social platforms, and that too when you have to take prior approvals before posting. With this feature of myRosys, posting of social media content can be managed within a team. Using features like the assignment of work to the content writer, review of the content, and final approval mechanism, the content could be scheduled for up to one year in advance.
  • Social Media Moderation – What is the use of posting content when you are not responding back to the comments of your audience? myRosys provides a unified dashboard to monitor the responses on multiple social media profiles and the ability to reply to the responses using the same platform. This way it works as a one-stop platform for varied social media marketing needs.
  • Twitter Follower Management – Users can expand the reach of their social media marketing efforts by getting more relevant Twitter followers. myRosys enhances Twitter marketing by effective follower management. The users can find and follow Twitter profiles from the industry and increase their social reach.

What motivated us to startup?

Being a digital marketing agency and catering to clients from different industries, we realized that for social media marketing it is not sufficient to just create the content, graphics, and post them on different digital platforms. To get an edge over the competitors, brands need to anticipate what the audience wants to read, what they are talking about, what is the social buzz about. They need to know the sentiments of the readers about the brand and related products. Not just knowing, but reaching to a wider audience is also essential to make the campaign a success.

This led to the inception of the idea of developing a social media management tool which we named myRosys.

What’s in a name?

The idea was to provide a solution to the users to make the management of social media easy. We wanted a name which would aptly relate to the solution we were providing in the social media marketing space. Ease of using social media = myRosys, in simple terms.

How do we see Social Media?

Social Media serves different purposes in today’s times. For a person, it may be about sharing updates with friends/followers, for a brand it reflects the vision, purpose, value and commitment towards the customers. It would be a mistake to think that social media can only be used for the purpose of marketing. It is an integrated part of different verticals of an organization like sales, development, service, community, HR, branding & communications. We sincerely believe that it is important to know how to connect the different social media platforms and use them to effectively deliver a seamless integrated communication.

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Currently we are….

It was difficult to make a space for ourselves when there are well-rooted tools present in the market. But what convened us was the reputation of our parent company GlocalEdge as a digital marketing agency. We started using myRosys for a few clients and we experienced significant improvements in the results. We prepared case studies of the positive impact that it created and received testimonials from the clients. This boosted our confidence and increased the credibility of our platform. Now we are more motivated than ever to singularly focus on the product development to capture a bigger market share and to be an essential tool for making any social media campaign a success.

We’re making moolah by…

As mentioned above, we started using myRosys for our internal clients. Now we are using it as a standalone tool for external customers as well. As of now, we have an introductory offer of Exclusive Customer Plan. In this plan, we offer our customers 6 months of free subscription. Apart from this introductory offer, we have a basic plan for small and mid-sized organizations and a customized plan depending on the requirements of large-sized organizations and digital marketing agencies.

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