Brands roar this International Tiger Day

Palak Uppal
Jul 30, 2019 12:20 IST
International Tiger Day brand posts

The emergence of moment marketing has brands take a distinct approach this International Tiger Day with innovative creations. International Tiger Day brand posts dominated the socialverse.

A salient issue such as the depletion of the wilderness was juxtaposed this International Tiger day when brands counteracted the issue with intriguing creatives. It is no news that exhaustion of tigers is a triggering issue that our planet is facing. Held annually on 29 July International Tiger Day is a celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation. Brands shared their support with International Tiger Day brand posts.

Canon prompts the stressing issue with a point black picture and urging for it to be not a rare sight. Greenply had an exemplary logline to the zenith. "Pause to save the paws" strings the right cord.

The prolific sprees included ParleG, Pergo, Kia Motors, Dunzo among others Take a look at how the brands commemorate International Tiger Day.

Canon India




KIA Motors


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Policy Bazaar


Animal Planet

Chimp&z Inc

LF Originals

Mankind Pharma Limited

Sterling Holidays

Reliance Smart Money

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