#TopicalSpot: Brands get creative in the wake of Facebook & apps outage

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Facebook, Instagarm & WhatsApp were down last night and brands made the most of it with topical posts through Twitter.

Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp were down last night as a 'routine maintanence operation' triggered a bug, according to reports. Soon Twitter was filled with memes and reactions; #facebookdown & #instagramdown were trending on Twitter, followed by a few brands latching on to this trend.

Hours later, Facebook stated that the issue has been resolved and the apps should be back 100% for everyone. But, once something is on the internet, will always be on the internet.

Punny wordplay and innuendo have always been a part of brands' topical tours. The same was observed with this trend. While Manforce Condoms went for the sex pun, Borges India re-iterated their brand promise.

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