#TopicalSpot: #RahulBoseMoment gives brands lot to talk about


Brands have cashed in on the expensive #RahulBoseMoment faced at JW Marriott, Chandigarh showing bananas don’t have to be that expensive.

Wondering what is #RahulBoseMoment?

Rahul Bose tweeted a video during his stay at JW Marriott, Chandigarh when he received the bill for the 2 bananas he asked for.

Turns out two bananas can cost you ₹442.50 if you buy them in a 5-star. It costs ₹10 for 3 bananas (4 if you go with your mom) if you buy it from the kelawala bhaiya on the naakaa.

The trend picked up after people started sharing similar instances from their experience. Fancy restaurants, multiplexes, hotels none of these overpriced places were spared.

Soon brands joined the parade but instead of sharing their Rahul Bose moment, they shared offers that might give you a run for your money. They used the trend to showcase all the things they can offer under ₹442.50 and the perks you’d get. Turns out you can get Banna Split and Banana Milkshake, Banana Smoothies, a whole lot of pizza, and two month’s Amazon Prime subscription in this amount.

Yes, Brands are having a field day with #RahulBoseMoment moment.

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Pizza Hut India

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Eat pizzas? like a bose! #TastiestPizzasAt99

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Arré India

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When the bill gives you chills. #RahulBoseMoment

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Godrej Nature’s Basket

Wishes and Blessings NGO


Sutra Bistro

StarQuik, a TATA Enterprise


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A kela or A khela? The choice is yours! #RahulBoseMoment

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Zorabian Chicken ®

epson india

Amazon Prime Video India


Max Life Insurance

Brand Factory

Reliance Jio


Reliance SMART

Anchor by Panasonic

Mutual Funds Sahi Hai

Pathkind Labs

Typhoo India

Vadilal Ice Creams

MotherDairy Fresh Delights


Radio Mirchi

Godrej HIT


Pop Tate’s Mumbai

Beck’s Ice India

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