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Paawan Sunam
Jul 10, 2019 11:07 IST
Sacred Games brands

Because, kabhi kabhi lagta hai apun he bhagwan hai. Yes, Sacred Games Brand Posts are here and some of them are really good.

Brands were simply eager to make topical posts on the most awaited Netflix series of the year. They are battle-ready and the theme is now known. Yes, we're talking about Sacred Games Brand Posts.

This game is bigger than them, you and us. When Sacred Games Season 1 had released the whole of socioverse felt the heat like Momin's business. From Borivali to Byculla, everyone knew that Kailashpada has a new boss now.

Brands had latched onto this trend and carried clout. The web series also triggered a flood of user-generated content. A lot of users on Social Media made and circulated Sacred Games memes, in the course, also marketing the dialogues and characters of the show.

And, yesterday Netflix announced the release date and launched the " target="_blank">trailer of Sacred Games Season 2 and we can already see the yesteryear repeating itself.

Phone Rings Brands: Hello. Who's it? Gaitonde Sir? Where are you boss?

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*Sacred Games theme-song starts playing*


Durex India


Acko General Insurance

Godrej Security

Reliance Digital

Too Yumm!

Netflix India

Kaam 25 hai. Bole toh, Game Over! Also, if we have missed out on any cool Sacred Games Brand Posts write to us on

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