YouTube rolls out topic filters for Android

Topic Filters

YouTube has launched topic filters on Android which will appear on the Homepage in a bid to provide users control over what they want to see.

On Homepage below the ‘Search’ bar, you’d see a new bar of Topic Filters suggesting ‘Topics’ that you might be interested in seeing and give you more control over what you view on the platform.

You can scroll through the pill-shaped icons horizontally and click through the suggested topics. Once you click on a particular topic, the vertical scroll-through on the YouTube Homepage would only show the videos related to that topic.


The feature makes it easier for you to view multiple videos on an individual topic. It is helpful for people who go to the platform with the motive of learning about a particular topic.

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YouTube’s recommendations have been argued upon, over the years. Few creators on the platform suggested that the recommendations don’t advocate the growth of budding creators and only suggest the established ones.

Viewers have debated that the suggestions based on algorithms keep showing what the users might’ve searched once or twice. Few have also appended that the platform has created a kind of ‘information bubble’.

This feature might break the clutter. It’s unclear what would be the basis of these topic filters. Although, they seem to be based on what you might’ve searched on the app.

The full-scale roll-out is underway. The feature would be available to premium and non-premium users.